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b2Boeing, which dominates the Chinese skies, is projecting a demand in the country for more than 6,000 new airplanes over the next 20 years, valued at US$870 billion.

Boeing's China Current Market Outlook

Boeing’s China Current Market Outlook

The American airplane manufacturer’s annual China Current Market Outlook released in Beijing on Thursday shows Chinese airlines will take delivery of nearly 45 per cent of the total demand for airplanes in the Asia-Pacific region during that period.

“China’s aviation market is going through dynamic changes,” said Randy Tinseth of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

“New business models like low-cost carriers and airplane leasing companies, a new generation of fuel-efficient airplanes and evolving consumer needs are driving demand for more direct flights to more destinations.”

More than 50 per cent of all commercial jetliners operating in the country are Boeing airplanes, the company said.

It also noted that China is a major contributor of parts to Boeing.

“Some 8,000 Boeing airplanes flying throughout the world with integrated China-built parts and assemblies.”

Worldwide, Boeing projects a demand for 36,770 new commercial airplanes in the next 20 years, worth almost $5.2 trillion