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EFan2The Paris Air Show doesn’t open until Monday, but one airplane is already creating a lot of buzz.

Airbus has unveiled the E-Fan, the environment-friendly plug-in plane.

The European manufacturer says it will be the world’s first series production electric plane and will open the way for a new era in air transportation that is environmentally-friendly and highly efficient.

The  the E-Fan 2.0 (left) and the E-Fan 4.0.

The the E-Fan 2.0 (left) and the E-Fan 4.0.

“The E-Fan demonstrator will be followed by serial production versions – first, the two-seat E-Fan 2.0 version for basic pilot training, then by the E-Fan 4.0, a four-seat airplane for full pilot licensing and the general aviation market,“ the company says on its website.

The first flight for E-Fan 2.0 is planned for late 2017. It is expected to go into service the following year.

“It will be CO2 emissions-free and nearly silent in flight, becoming the world’s first all-electric plane certified to international civil airworthiness standards,” Airbus said.

The E-Fan 4.0 is scheduled to arrive in 2019.

“E-Fan is a crucial step on Airbus Group’s journey toward all-electric aviation,” said Detlef Muller-Wiesner, head of Airbus E-Aircraft Programmes.

Airbus subsidiary Voltair will manage the airplanes’ industrial evolution.

Images are courtesy of Airbus.