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CS300 2On the eve of the opening of the Paris Air Show, Bombardier has announced that the performance of its all-new CSeries aircraft is “better than advertised.”

It said, based on flight tests results, its CS300 and CS100 airplanes exceeded their original targets for fuel burn, payload, range and airfield performance.

“In addition, the CSeries aircraft are on track to meet noise performance targets, making them the quietest commercial jets in production,” the Canadian aircraft manufacturer told a special media event in Le Bourge.

It said the CSeries aircraft’s maximum range had been confirmed to be up to 3,300 NM (6,112 km), some 350 NM (648 km) more than originally targeted.

The CSeries is delivering more than a 20 per cent fuel burn advantage compared to in-production aircraft, and a greater than 10 per cent advantage compared to re-engined aircraft, Bombardier added.

FC“The CSeries performance is better than advertised,” said Fred Cromer (right), president, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

The long-delayed CS300, designed for the 100- to 149-seat, single-aisle market, is making its air show debut in Le Bourge, four months after its maiden flight.

The aircraft is expected to enter service in late 2016.

Bombardier believes the CS300 offers the best seat-mile cost in its category and is ideal for a range of routes from short-haul to longer transcontinental markets.

Test flights for the smaller CS100, which can carry up to 125 people, began in 2013.

Certification for that aircraft is expected in the second half of this year with commercial flights starting shortly after that.

Bombardier has won 243 firm orders for the CSeries aircraft, 180 of them for the CS300.

Show logoThe 51st edition of the Paris Air Show opens Monday.

The week-long event has attracted more than 2,200 exhibitors from 45 countries including 18 from Canada.